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Will Writing

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Lawman Chimuriwo Attorneys offers will writing services taking instructions from our clients in a timely and easy manner. We offer professional will writing services from basic wills to estate protection trust wills. A proper ought to set out who should benefit from a will, who should look after minor children, who will sort out the estate and carry out your wishes after death (executor) and what happens in the event that beneficiaries die before you do. Legal advice is essential particularl where your will is not straightforward for example where you share a property with a party who is not your spouse or civil partner, where you want to leave property or money to a dependant or minor who can’t care for themselves, where you have several family members who potentially may make a claim on your will for instance children from another marriage or a second spouse, where your permanent home is not in Zimbabwe, where you are resident in Zimbabwe but have properties in other country or countries and where you have a business. We also offer storage facilities for wills and related documents. Our bespoke storage facility helps to avoid damage due to fire or floods, to avoid tampering by parties that find the will after your death, to ensure it is in a good position to be used for instance a power of attorney is needed, to avoid documents loss, to mantain privacy of one’s wishes

At Lawman Chimuriwo Attorneys we offer storage of your valuable documents which documents are retrievable at any time.